• Networking


    In the framework of our activities, we are in contact with hundreds of industrialists, and dozens of business people, professional consultants, investment companies, private investors, academic institutions and others.  We see it as our role, to take advantage in a positive manner of these widespread connections, for the benefit of the industrialists and to assist them in developing their businesses.

  • Academy


    The name of the game is management – we believe that in order to create a strong and stable industry in the region, emphasis must be placed on developing the management of productive businesses.  To meet this need we have created a unique training program for industrial managers based on experience, acquired knowledge, implementing leading academic models, implementing innovation and collaboration between colleagues.

  • Mentoring


    Inherently, small and midsize business owners are heavily involved and invested in the day to day operations of their businesses and may lose sight of the big picture.  Daroma-Tzafona has as one of its goals, to bridge the resulting gap and to provide business owners and managers with support and mentoring on topics such as vision, strategy, and business development.  

  • Consulting


    We at Daroma-Tzafona believe that in order to generate real change in businesses, you need to provide solutions, and assist in bridging the existing managerial gaps that are part of every business during its entire lifetime.  The small and midsize businesses are mostly family businesses that were developed by strong entrepreneurs or quality business people.  

  • Finance


    One of the main problems for small and medium businesses in general, and in the Galilee and Negev in particular is the credit shortage, alongside poor access to significant and quality capital for their businesses.  One of Daroma-Tzafona’s goals is to assist as much as possible in solving this problem, and to help matters we provide a variety of unique financing tools to small to midsize Manufacturers in these regions.

Creating Opportunities for Growth

Daroma-Tzafona was founded by a number of private entrepreneurs, headed by the industrialist Mr. Eitan Wertheimer and in active partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel.  The company is a nonprofit organization and is incorporated as a Company for the Benefit of the Public.  The activities of the company are entirely funded through donations by the company’s owners and support from the Jewish Federations of North America through the Jewish Agency.


The current reality indicates that only 5% of the manufacturers are in charge of producing 80% of the Israeli industry revenues. We have to face this astounding and problematic figure and there for we are investing our efforts to strengthen and encourage the small to med-size business sector, a key regional growth stimulus. By doing so we are aiming for a more balanced and reasonable distribution of the industrial sector revenues; export; employment; and profits.


We currently support over 500 manufacturing businesses providing them with our business management tools and close to 750 million Shekels in loans.

Daroma Tzafona for Businesses

Daroma-Tzafona for Businesses is a program designed to consolidate, strengthen, advance and grow industries in the Galilee and the Negev, utilizing a variety of financing and management business tools. These tools provide the businesses and their managers with a complete as possible package of supportive business services and it is our aspiration that by utilizing these services, managers will be able to significantly develop their business activities and creating significant added value both for their business and their surroundings.

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