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Daroma Tzafona

Created as a non-profit company in 2007, DaromaTzafona is a unique partnership of Israeli industrialists and philanthropists, led by Eitan Wertheimer, and the Jewish Agency of Israel with the support of the Jewish Federations of North America. Its mission is to transform the landscape of economic opportunity and bring sustainable socioeconomic change to the Negev and Galilee. Driven by leaders who are committed to Israel’s future, DaromaTzafona invests in business growth in Israel’s outlying regions, a vital component for strengthening Israel’s economy.


Professional Leadership

DaromaTzafona’s dedicated professional team gives personalized support to all portfolio clients. Traveling the breadth and width of the country, the team periodically visits each company, many of them privately owned family businesses, and works with the founders, CEOs and managers to assess ongoing needs and find solutions for business challenges.


Daroma-Tzafona was founded by a number of private entrepreneurs, headed by the industrialist Mr. Eitan Wertheimer and in active partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel.

nonprofit organization and is incorporated as a Company for the Benefit of the Public. The activities of the company are entirely funded through donations by the company’s owners and support from the Jewish Federations of North America through the Jewish Agency.

What began in 2003 as the creation of a strategic plan for the development of the Negev and the Galilee, a plan which was placed in the hands of decision makers and economic leaders, became by the end of 2007 a dedicated program for the development of small and midsize Manufacturers. The Daroma-Tzafona Program for Businesses includes financing options and managerial support focused on a variety of essential management disciplines.

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