What do we offer to SMEs

DaromaTzafona Networking

In its ongoing efforts to expand the capabilities of its companies, DaromaTzafona sponsors business networking conferences for industrialists, factory owners and exporters. Through these conferences, hundreds of CEOs and managers from the periphery meet with groups of Israel’s top business people who assist the industrialists in creating mutually beneficial business networks and partnerships.

DaromaTzafona Exhibition Fund

Expanding markets is essential to SMEs. However, the cost to participate in major industry exhibitions can be prohibitive. This fund provides critical subsidies for companies to showcase their products and make their mark in the international arena.

What do we offer to SME

DaromaTzafona is creating a new economic reality in Israel’s north and south. It does this through a strategically-driven, holistic business approach that includes:

DaromaTzafona Business Loan Fund

This is the only fund of its kind to simplify access to significant funding with preferred terms for promising SMEs in the periphery who put everything on the line to start their companies. This financing allows them to develop new products, advance manufacturing methods, keep pace with new technology and drive their companies forward. In addition to preferred loan conditions, DaromaTzafona supervises and evaluates the impact of the Fund and assesses options for additional business assistance. Its goal is to provide every business with the opportunity for long-term development and success.

DaromaTzafona Academy

The DaromaTzafona Academy is a tailored business training program for managers in the periphery. The six-month course, developed and operated in conjunction with Tel Aviv University Faculty of Management’s LAHAV Executive Education program, empowers business managers with advanced tools and skills. The course includes a series of academic lectures, practical workshops and management studies. Each participant develops a five-year business plan that includes an innovative new product, service or business model etc.

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